CS4: Expectations

Expectations Part 1

A Family Medicine professor travels to an industrialized country to meet with the community partner to plan for an upcoming international service-learning project that he will lead with a class in the following term. While there, the region suffers from a devastating flood. The professor has to decide if he will still bring his students to a potentially unsafe location, but the community partner assures him that they will have a safe place for the students to stay by the time they arrive.

Training & Education

  • Who has the ultimate responsibility to decide what is ‘safe’? Community partner? Professor? Students?
  • Do you operate from an assumption there a perception that here is “safe” in contrast with danger in other locations?
  • What assumptions are we making about safety?

Balance & Reciprocity

  • Is the community ready to proceed with the project?
  • How safe are international communities from you and your students?
  • Where is the community partner in the decision-making process? What does decision-making in a partnership look like? What is an ethical approach to decision-making?
  • What are the priorities of the project based upon?

Expectations Part 2

Pedagogical Framework (Part One): Problem-Based Learning

Process (Part One): Preparation

Pedagogical Framework (Part Two): Appreciative Inquiry

Process (Part Two): Experience in the Field