CS2: Truck & Tractor

the truck and the tractor
The Truck and the Tractor [long-term sustainability issues] Part 1

You are working on a microcredit project in a rural community, setting up initiatives to improve quality of life based on the needs identified by the community. The community you work in is predominantly agricultural and their primary source of income is generated by selling the crops and cheeses they produce to the nearest town, more than an hour away by car. At the end of your project, there is money left over in your budget dedicated to the community. The community representatives you have been working with suggest that the community would like to use the money to buy a tractor to improve efficiency and ease the manual labour burden on the community.

What are some things that need to be considered before purchasing the tractor?

Framework Responses Part 1

The Truck and the Tractor [long-term sustainability issues] Part 2

Framework Responses Part 2

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