Pedagogical Frameworks


Transformative Education
While preparing students for an international experience there may be times that traditional classroom—often referred to as the “banking model” of education, in which the teacher deposits information into the students’ heads—knowledge transference from teacher to student is appropriate, but for the most part… [more]


Critical Pedagogy
In technical paradigms of education—which critical pedagogues label “banking” models of education—the teacher is a director and the student actors follow the directives of the teacher in an attempt to create a final product. Technical paradigms are product-driven and the teacher plots the path that will lead the students… [more]


Situated Learning Theory
Situated Learning Theory (SLT)—originally forwarded by Lave & Wengner (1990) — develops the notion that learning occurs through active engagement within contextual experience. In other words, classrooms designed specifically for learning may be antithetical to the ideas contained in SLT because the core concept… [more]


Problem Based Learning & Appreciative Inquiry
Problem-based learning (PBL) is often used in university professional programs such as medicine and engineering where professors present case studies that challenge students to problem-solve beyond the textbook. PBL practitioners claim that their students can retain more of the course content when it is applied to… [more]


Reflective Practice
Although not an explicit pedaogogy, the term “Reflective Practice” highlights the importance of deliberate reflection in the educational processes associated with international engagement and service-learning. Many of the faculty members consulted for the EIESL website expressed the belief that facilitating… [more]


Experiential Education
Experiential education “rests on theories of experiential learning, a process whereby the learner interacts with the world and integrates new learning into old constructs” (Eyler, 2009, p.1). Some might assume that the experience of another culture, by default, creates a more culturally sensitive individual, but ISL proves… [more]