CS4: Breach of Contract

breach of contract
Breach of Contract Part 1

As part of your violence against women project you are coordinating the construction of a women’s shelter. You have hired a construction firm as well as a plumbing crew. The work of the plumbers depends on the progress of the construction crew in building the shelter. Both parties signed a contract prior to the project and agreed to a specific deadline for the completion of the project. However, the construction firm has fallen behind its timeline and it appears that the shelter will not be completed by the deadline. A consultant informs you that contract deadlines are normally understood as “suggestions” in this community. Another consultant suggests that you be firm with the deadline, while another advices you not to discipline the crew per contract as doing so will jeopardize future business relations. How do you resolve the situation without causing conflict?

Framework Responses Part 1

Breach of Contract Part 2

Framework Responses Part 2

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