Leader-Focused Case Studies


Case Study #1: Shock
After watching the news coverage of a massive earthquake in an area where you once conducted a research project, you decide to incorporate in your 3rd-year Engineering course a lecture on the “Role of the Global Engineer in Society”. In the lecture you connect the topic to the immediate context of the humanitarian crisis… [more]


Case Study #2: Free Labor
You are a Canadian Economics professor presenting an academic paper at an International Rural Business Development conference. After your presentation, you are approached by an economic strategic planner for a rural municipality in an, under-resourced part of the country… [more]


Case Study #3: Intervention
You are running an undergraduate Public Health course with an International Service Learning component working with an HIV/AIDS organization abroad. In planning the project, you had the students sign liability waivers and declarations that they were “fit to travel” and had been vaccinated for their travels… [more]


Case Study #4: Expectations
A Family Medicine professor travels to an industrialized country to meet with the community partner to plan for an upcoming international service-learning project that he will lead with a class in the following term. While there, the region suffers from a devastating flood. The professor has to decide… [more]


Case Study #5: Between the Lines
While planning the ISL component of your course–in which the students worked in an under-resourced and predominantly rural, land-locked country –you make sure to include a comprehensive post-engagement reflective process once back in the classroom. You set up a reflection assignment… [more]


Case Study #6: Breakdown
After a particularly challenging stint working on an ecological sustainability project in South America, your third year Environmental Studies students have had serious rifts in the group dynamic. In the final days of the project, a few of the students had a loud argument in the office of the local community partner… [more]