CS1: Water Stress

water stress
Water Stress [short-term sustainability issues] Part 1

You are a volunteer in your ninth week of a twelve-week project in a small, suburban and semi-arid region. During your pre-departure training, the NGO you work for emphasized their sustainability policy, which stresses local ownership and a low social footprint. You work at the local youth centre, have learned the local language and developed strong friendships with some of the youth. Unexpectedly, the electricity in the community goes out without any assurance of when it will be restored. The piped water supply is accessed only through electronically-powered pumps to buildings in the area.

The team is worried about how they will get the water they need to cope with this unfamiliar arid climate. The team has a contingency fund. Should you spend the money to rent a generator to pump water for your team’s use?

Framework Responses Part 1

Water Stress [short-term sustainability issues] Part 2

Framework Responses Part 2

Water Stress [short-term sustainability issues] Part 3

Framework Responses Part 3

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