CS7: Independence

a question of independence
A Question of Independence Part 1

You are living with a host family, and the constraints are beginning to bother you a great deal.
– the meals are all the same, and not really to your liking
– you share a bedroom with a curious boy who is a real nuisance
– the doors of the house are locked at 11pm

The family members are very charming and attentive towards you. They are constantly organising your free time, taking you along on neighborhood excursions, watching a television show with you, or taking you to a soccer game to ensure that you feel a part of their community. As a result, you do not have a moment to yourself, and the plain truth is that you feel you are responsible enough to choose when and how to occupy your time. You are often exhausted at the end of your working days. How do you negotiate between your need for autonomy and the respect for your hosts’ hospitality?

Framework Responses Part 1

A Question of Independence Part 2

Framework Responses Part 2

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