The EIESL Project Web-Based Guidebook

Welcome to the Ethics of International Engagement and Service-Learning Project Web-Based Guidebook! The purpose of this Guidebook is to provide students, faculty, staff and international community partners with resources designed to provoke ethical reflection on international engagement and service learning projects. The EIESL project both challenges and nurtures the ways that we think, act, speak, and engage as global citizens committed to social and ecological justice.

The Guidebook is divided into seven major sections designed for users:

  1. Themes – Explore themes representing ethical questions that arise in university-related international engagement processes.
  2. Case Studies – Consider, reflect, and dialogue on real life scenarios.
  3. Theoretical Frameworks – Gain understanding of various theoretical lenses for considering international engagement.
  4. Teaching and Learning – Develop pedagogical frameworks and explore practical considerations for establishing, enhancing, and leading international service learning projects.
  5. The EIESL Project – Learn more about the vision, mission and methods of the EIESL project. Also learn how we define Ethics as a Reflective Praxis.
  6. IESL – Learn basic concepts central to International Engagement and Service Learning.
  7. Foundations – Understand the unique context of the EIESL project at the University of British Columbia, including it’s relation to the university’s strategic plan, implementing partners, and project funder.
  8. Visit the “How-To” Section for further direction on navigating and utilizing the Guidebook